If anyone has any suggestions toward the subject of spinning merino top, please let me know! I am quickly learning that a drop spindle could just as well be called a throw spindle when in my hands. Some fellow Ravelers were talking about this (well, they called it a “toss-spindle”–I’m not so kind to mine, maybe).

Spin, drop, spin, spin, drop, drop, drop.

They talk about finding a rhythm.

That would be my rhythm

(spin drop

drop spin…)

Syncopated for a little jazzy-snazzy variation on the theme.

I have come to the conclusion that learning to spin is not an endeavor for the faint of heart–in the sense that it takes much practice and much failure before one sees much improvement.

As for the writing: I am still doing that. I’ve given some thought to my fiction these past few days. Hours. Eh. Time is malleable. Oh, but the spin-subject plagues me. Right now, the subject could go so many different ways. If any of you dear readers have a particular burning curiosity that you would like me to follow up on, I’d appreciate any questions, comments, quips, quotes cares or concerns! (Ahem, Teabird, dear Ravelry friend… L, dear long-lost, hope-to-see-again-soon friend, my favorite commenters!!)


Here’s to hoping I can keep up with blondechicken’s April challenge…

blondechicken says,

I love challenges that force you to become more aware of these every day moments and how you spend them. Art Every Day, NaNoWriMo, NaKniSweMo: they all make you think about how you spend your time and how you can work a bit more art, writing and knitting into your daily habits.

I like this idea, too, and so I’m partaking–as a member of the rav-group and also in my everyday life. It’s going to be a great writerly challenge, too: if I can gather one blip of a fact, minimum, everyday in April–well, that should prove a bit helpful in my new spin-write whim, right??

So. Here’s my pledge: post the fact, or the lesson learned, everyday on the blog here. Post the picture of spinning progress here, on ravelry, as a twit-pic or else on Flickr. Oh. Yeah. And spin, spin, spin, too!

So…I’m now co-moderator of several groups, including The Bloomsbury Knitters–a forum dedicated to the lovely Virginia Woolf–a group I happened to have founded. I think this all qualifies me as an official Ravelry-Addict/Knit-Geek. I mean. To the highest degree of degrees, really.

I’ve made little progress on the “Cardigan of Youth” as it is now called (I admit, it does sound better than “Old Man Cardigan”–Thanks M). But maybe I’ll have it done by the time I head north to see the fam.
I think many of us dread the holidaze. I mean. Really now– it’s just wrong when the stores start playing the carols right after Halloween. Seriously.
Well. This is embarrassing. I have some photos of a small portion of my stash. Taken the day before the big sale… I did de-stash this yarn pictured by selling some yarn for ungodly cheap prices. But really now? Who needs this much yarn? And this isn’t all of it!!!!


This is all the cheapy yarn that I sold super…well…cheap. I’m talking: $1/skein. And by the end of the day? I sold a whole bag for 10 cents/skein! 

So I’m now one of the moderators of the Charles Dickens group on Ravelery–which is super awesome cool and I’m excited. It’s probably not a big deal to anyone…but I’m excited because I get to organize lit stuff, etc. and meet cool and interesting and nifty people…

meanwhile the newly re-named “Cardigan of Youth” is coming along… I don’t know if it’s coming along fast enough for our trip back north (where I hoped to present it to my grandfather)…
oh well!
And I have no pictures. Isn’t that just boring?
Oh wait. I have a really bad picture of the mug cozy I’m knitting for my grandmother.
I didn’t mean to make it that big.
you know, I could delete it. And then re-upload it in smaller format.
but that would take effort.


Because there is little worth saying.

In the way of knitting:
I’ll never get it all done before the holidays hit! ARGH!
This is probably the one I’ve come along most on: it’s a hat made from yarn that L graciously gave me–and it’s hand-dyed–by ME! In a prior post, I did mention this stuff, I think. It’s knitting nicely…I enjoy it, anyway.
Oh yeah…in older news: I got a cool new gift in a Holiday Swap on Ravelry. I think I’m going to make legwarmers with the two skeins of Alpaca that I got. How exciting is that??