Yeahhhhhh…I probably have a lot to write about.

     But I’m probably not going to.
Or maybe I will
NaNo sucks: in the sense of words. 
Don’t I look perplexed??
NaNo is awesome: in the way of good friends.

J. is seriously the most awesome ML ever, ever, ever. 
 I’ve only got 33k. Barely 33k. Folks, it’s the 20-somethingth. That blows. Because I’m not going to hit 50k. Good news is. I’m not delusional, so I’m not killing myself to hit the big 50. And hey, you know, meeting J and M and K and Mr. K..and all the rest…well. It’s been pretty gravy-cool.

That’s Mr. K over there, trying to…fix his back. I think. We’re not really sure what he’s doing. Most times. But whatever, I find it a charming thing of sorts.

That’s Mr. K and J. 
I don’t like this…I can’t get these words to wrap and kern and such as I wish. But What-Ever.
My friends:
 There was yarn. 
There was Knittage. 
There was a little fingerless glove, too!
Then I got drunk. 
Then I gave the little glove to some drummer 
named Dusty.
Mr. K protected me that night. 
That was good.
 But he, nor J, could retrieve the glove.
I puked on me. Worse, I puked on Mr. K. 
That’s embarrassing.
       I don’t have pictures of any of this to post 
(too bad–that would be most entertaining, now wouldn’t it?)
So I’ve begun again.

And the yarn-yard-sale? Yes, La-La–it went well. I gave tons of yarn away. Pretty much. By the end. But that’s okay. It’s gone, done…

See. I realize now: I’m a compulsive buyer.
     But I’m also a yarn snob.
I buy cheap yarn compulsively.
    But later, I snobbishly dismiss it.
Because it’s cheap.

I am such a silly-head.

No, really, I am.
So…Apparently I was struck with…some kind of….I don’t know….12 hour flu? I had a fever of 100 or so, I felt like excrement, and I obviously wasn’t thinking straight. I thought for SURE I was going to have the flu.
No, no flu. Just exhaustion, I think. And in the exhaustion–yeah, I became absolutely, positively pissy about everything.
Now, you must understand, I am typically…eh…not too pessimistic. Yesterday? I was a bitch. Plain and simple: B-I-T-C-H
But now I think I’m better. I’m sorry to all who had to listen to me whine….I can’t…I can’t….really, I can’t.
I can.
And I will.
I’m stubborn and competitive and possess all those other traits that have generally annoyed men for the past…um…thousand+ years.
So: daily goals:
  1. Finish L384 rough draft.
  2. A215  assignment [place a little spiffy check mark here, because I finished it earlier today.]
And there are other things, too. But those are most important at this point. I also must:
  • Read Aidoo’s _Changes…_
  • Get to 15, 500 words with NaNo (yes, yes I must!)
  • Accomplish a bit of knitting.
  • At least think of a topic for the upcoming L383 paper.
I bid thee farewell

No! Not you, dear reader. Just ta-ta to NaNoWriMo. 

Never mind the thing of grades, I pick sanity over a stellar GPA at this point.
No pictures. Nothing of interest.
I had horrible NaNo Nightmares last night. Seriously.

It’s 6.22 a.m. 

Never mind what my post-time tag says.
If it’s different, it’s because I’ve not figured out how to change the time zone correctly.
Now: In Bigger, Better, WriMo news:
    I wrote a whopping 0 words yesterday. Yes, that’s right folks, Zero words. I mean, for NaNoWriMo…….If 
writing about other people’s books, well then, I probably wrote at least 1,000. Probably more. I’m glad this is my last semester of undergrad. I mean, really. Really.
Oh, yeah, did you hear that Barack Obama is the new president? Yes, yes, I’m sure you did. As someone said recently, the country is in the proverbial shitter. I like the terminology. I mean, despite the obvious crude nature, “shitter” has a certain quality of conveying a precise image. Don’t you think?
Well…the past years have been hellish; I was so busy dealing with my own life, to be quite honest I didn’t have time to completely notice the devastating state of the rest of the world. That is, I’m sure, because I was younger. And because things really were that bad: seriously. 
In other “political” news: my cousin comes home from Iraq this month. She’s excited. I’m excited. It’s good. She misses snow and she misses grass. Yes, it is political. Political on the personal level: I t
hink we sometimes forget that politics are not just about “them” and “over there”–it’s “us” and “here,” too. 
Honestly, though, I must say that people
are more aware. More aware than I am, I’m sure.

I have to say, good job, 20-somethin’s. I mean,
we’re known as the lazy bums cruising through college,
or crashing with our parents after we graduate from college.
Or whatever.
But, seriously, I really think we stepped up in this election.
We have brains.
We used them: and we made a difference.
she’s coming home!
So, to anyone who received an “I Voted” sticker–you’re a peach, and I mean it, Peaches. 

I have made procrastination into a noun. Really now, how many of us ascribe to this little god of destructive behavior? We don’t mean to…it just happens. The art of procrastination is very intricate, very tricky to master. I am, I think, the Pope of Procrastinationism. 

I began knitting my little carpet bag: this really cool one that’s, like, neat colors. Can’t describe it, just look at it, then:
I took this with my phone, so it’s not exactly awesome. But you get the idea. It’s pretty.
   And I’ve decided to make it a little zip-top accessory pouch because I simply don’t have the time, patience or want to make the friggin humongo bag–though it is pretty cool.
I’m nearly to 8000 words. 
10000 was my original goal.
Oh well.
I’ll settle.
In other news: uh. I guess there is no other news.  Mostly I’m procrastinating: I realy don’t want to write academic papers anymore. 

Today I opened my eyes and warbled jubilantly. Actually, I opened my eyes and said, “oh fuck, it’s already 7.00 a.m.??”  But nonetheless, I’ve been productive:

I will elaborate a bit on my NaNoWriMo novel, simply because my paranoid closed mouth really doesn’t get me far in the world of blogging, now does it? So, the title is tentatively _Balsam River Blues_ (I swear it feels as though it’s been used before…Google doesn’t recognize it, though…and Google is all-knowing, right?)  It’s set in a fictional Balsam River, not North Carolina. The main character is a boy named Tam who is dealing with the death of his 6 year old sister, Bitsy. He feels responsible and, being Literary Fiction, the plot is sort of loose and jiggly–but Tam and his 12-year-old sister Annabel are extremely vivid in my slightly askew imagination.
So I’ve taken notes and things are (sort of) falling into place. It’s fun. Mostly.
I’ve got foam boards and thumb tacks everywhere. It is a literary minefield and I’m not sure I’m ready for the battle, despite my ammunition. I mean, bullets and guns are great, if you know how to accurately fire the weapon. 
I will one day post pictures–I swear I will, but, you see, my camera is on my desk in the next room. I am currently sitting in front of a bookshelf and…well…you understand my dilemma, don’t you, dear reader? 
I also finished Nan’s scarf. I wore it for photo purposes. It’s soft and squishy and knit up super fast. That’s me. I am making an odd face. My eyes don’t normally bulge so. In fact, I think I am very normal most times. Nod and smile, dear reader.

Today, I have not even picked up my needles. That’s a bit disconcerting. 

I’m on a writerly streak–but only in regards to organizing the new NaNoWriMo novel that is gestating in my mind. My desk is organized:

Plenty of thumbtacks and 
good old Charles Dickens perches on his spot,
  ready to inspire me, too…
Maybe I shall knit tonight–the “Old Man Cardigan” now looks like the beginning of a…well…cardigan. The armholes have commenced.
My November Survival List?
1. Hard Candy
2. Jelly Beans
3. Coffee with fun flavored creams
4. Good Music….
Ah, I shall post something of interest…one day. But not today.

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