Er. Literature-Lane. Not “lit” as in the slang “lit.” Umph. I’m reading as much as possible now that I’m grad-school-bound. I mean, it occurs to me that I’m really not that well-read. I was talking to a good friend on the phone the other night; a friend who, though not graduate-bound is intelligent and well-read. Most of our book-related conversations are peppered with his mentionings of must-reads and classics, famous (to the literate) names and so on–and my responses are always “who’s that?” or “what?” (only sometimes because of cell-phone malfunction). Perhaps I can turn a passable phrase, but I cannot attest to having absorbed the works that (should) impact my writing. I’ve read blurbs and blips, but said friend suggested that I read before the June residency–a good suggestion. I would really hate to be one of the youngest students in the program and exemplify my naivete in not knowing much at all about writing-stuffs.

You see, when I first applied to Goddard, the director of admissions recommended I be prepared, at least, for a rejection, given my young age and the inherent lack of experience that accompanies our twenties. Early twenties, at that. I fearlessly applied anyway, and the director of admissions called to personally welcome me. I relayed this to said friend and after a lengthy discussion of his name-dropping and my refrains “who’s that?” and “what book is that?” and he so kindly said, “you might want to read–people who go to grad school will know these things.”

That may sound harsh. But it’s totally true, and I know B says this only with my best interests at heart. I mean. I already told Stephen Dobyns that I didn’t know who he was, but I was glad I met him… Yes. I said that. To Dobyns. To his face. *God. I’m such a tool.* I blush to think I said that at nineteen and I would hate, at twenty-three, that I would make a different, but equally embarrassing, literary faux pas.

GOD. “Reading” does not even exist in my listed categories of tags. ‘Nuf said.


That would be “Ay-va” not “ee-va” and she’s my new head. Er. For hats and such. I really like making hats. This should be a useful thing.


Also, I was accepted into the low-residency program at Goddard. That is very much exciting and I am thrilled… I am sure to have time to work on my writing now–because it is, you know, sort of mandatory.

I clenched my teeth, squeezed my

eyes shut tight and submitted (via the web-application) 80% of my Goddard app….


The felted hat is near finished: I steam-blocked it and now have only to sew on the band and the flower.

And running, too, I might add.

I am most def going to be turning in my grad-app on or before Monday. That would be the application to Goddard’s MFA Program. Whee!

I do have a good feeling about it. Watch, give it time, I’ll be saying: “OMG, I never should have applied, I am SUCH a loser!” Nonetheless…

I’m working on a hat (no pics as of yet [which is okay because it’s just some yarn on a cable wire strung between two needles right now, heheh]). I do need to take pictures of other stuff, though–like the Red Rose Gray hat. It’s totally inspired by that hat worn by Angelina Jolie in The Changeling. You know, that hat.

Except mine is grey. With a knitted flower on the side. Bah. I sense I’ll be forced to take a picture…….