I apologize for my apparent hiatus from (most of) the cyber world. My reason is not so exciting as KnitLuck’s. Really, the picture at the bottom of the blog says it all–congrats to you, Angela!!

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning–some with my handmade/gift spindle and some with my new (and shiny!) spindle made by the woman behind Butterfly Girl Designs. . . this is my pretty new spindle, which is much prettier, shinier and awesome in the flesh. Er. Stone.

Another reason for my disappearance? Well. That silly little etsy shop seems to have attracted the attentions of an editor at Lark Books. It might be small, and it might prove to be a dead end–but I, along with some other indie designers, were invited to submit designs. Specifically, cowls, capelets and collars. This is a little taste of what I came up with:

Lark Books-1Lark Books-4

Unfortunately, I am short and stubby and my neck is no different. I’m wondering if these are worth submitting; even moreso, I wonder if its worth trying to rewrite the patterns, perfecting it, etc. before June 12th. You see–I only found out about this opportunity  a few weeks ago, with the given deadline of June 12th. I have one pattern written, notes (illegible notes!) written for the others… but I certainly have no time for a test-knit. Any pointers, opinions or otherwise (the good, the bad and the ugly, really!) would be great in regards to these little knit-endeavors.

Never mind that. I suppose I can find some use for my little diddly-doos. Meanwhile? I’ll keep on going as I tend to go: slowly, diligently and sometimes a bit haphazardly.

It seems to work for me.



That’s me, shouting across cyberspace, because I have been so very far away from the blogosphere, the echoes are bouncing off the walls in the dark little cave I’ve been hiding in. Oh, sure, I tweet here and there, but mostly? I putter about and knit, spin, read and write–all are endeavors that cause me to neglect you, dear reader.

Ah–Purly News:

  • A woman would like to sell our NeedleBooks in her Needlepoint shop in New York. She thinks they’d be handy to hold thread! How clever–hadn’t thought of that use…
  • I’m working on a cozy+mug=Mozey. This Mozey is manly and uses sock yarn for a great, versatile fit… that is not why it’s manly. It’s manly because of the earthy colorway.
  • I finished my sock! Now I need to start on its mate… oh boy!
  • Our shop has made some sales! That’s really exciting–have a look-see, I knit a bit, but the hot items are the cool knitting gear, etc. that my mother makes.

I think that is all. I don’t even have pictures!

Oh, I finished that yellow scarf. I hope to have pics up soon. It’s Gorgeous.

Books are great, when I have time to read….

My favorite of all the pictures taken of moi in the hat...

My favorite of all the pictures taken of moi in the hat...

The hat is up on etsy and I’m excited. I debated taking pics with me wearing it, simply because I wondered if people would be eeked out to see someone wearing a hat that would potentially be on their own head.

I don’t know–reader, would you be worried if you saw your future hat being worn by some strange lady? I wish I had a head-form. Or a dress-form. Or better yet: BOTH!

The Cardigan of Youth is so near finished. On December 25th, I presented it to Grandpa R:

He seemed to like it.
Eventually, I blocked it (upon my return). I’ve taken over the garage: you see, I’m not a “serious” knitter, so I don’t own a blocking board. My blocking board consists of a wheelbarrow, plywood and a bunch of towels:
First, the wheelbarrow serves as a not-so-sturdy and mobile base. The plywood serves as the top of my “table” and all the towels become the thing to which I pin the piece. 
Then I blocked the J&J Bunting. The baby was born, too: December 31st. I have yet to see the baby, as she is in IL and I am here. But this is her bunting:

And this is the lace detail:

And this is how the two “almost FO’s” get blocked on my fabulous board:
I need to find some zipperage. I lost the zipperage I acquired sometime ago. Oh, they’re floating about somewhere–I’m pretty sure the gremlins took them, though. It’s okay. 
Maybe I will have some truly Finished-Finished Objects to show you soon. 
I have a few WIPs that need to be photographed and so on… I need to take better pictures, too. So. Here’s to hopes of better blogginess in the future.

I’m making the Purl Scarf for a friend by the name of Byrne. Nan Byrne. She’s a cool cat–she compiled the collection of short stories, Bar Stories, and you can check out the book here and/or read her blog all about bar stories.

So, the scarf, you say, what of the scarf?
Well, it was inspired when I saw the yarn on Three Irish Girls and there was a colorway called…
And how lovely it was, so I bought it…and then I
got a couple of skinny yarns to triple strand the simple scarf pattern–and voila: on big needles, this scarf flies and after a few hours:

In the way of other knit-news in Purls’ World: I have all but finished the little bunting. It’s sort of cute: I wrestled with the seaming of the head and, frankly, didn’t care for their directions so it’s really a botch job, though I tried to save the little darling head. And I put two right sleeves on the thing–I’m hoping with deceiving blocking I can hide this fact.

Did I mention I quilt? I am learning anyhow. I will perhaps keep an up
date on this pretty quilt that I’m working on. It’s the Sawtooth Star pattern. I do like my lavenders…