And with pictures too:

So there you have it: I’m sporting the Cardigan of Youth. Grandpa R is 1000 miles away so I’ll have to suffice. The baby is also some miles away…hence the Cabbage Patch Kid.

So I’m now one of the moderators of the Charles Dickens group on Ravelery–which is super awesome cool and I’m excited. It’s probably not a big deal to anyone…but I’m excited because I get to organize lit stuff, etc. and meet cool and interesting and nifty people…

meanwhile the newly re-named “Cardigan of Youth” is coming along… I don’t know if it’s coming along fast enough for our trip back north (where I hoped to present it to my grandfather)…
oh well!
And I have no pictures. Isn’t that just boring?
Oh wait. I have a really bad picture of the mug cozy I’m knitting for my grandmother.
I didn’t mean to make it that big.
you know, I could delete it. And then re-upload it in smaller format.
but that would take effort.


Because there is little worth saying.

In the way of knitting:
I’ll never get it all done before the holidays hit! ARGH!
This is probably the one I’ve come along most on: it’s a hat made from yarn that L graciously gave me–and it’s hand-dyed–by ME! In a prior post, I did mention this stuff, I think. It’s knitting nicely…I enjoy it, anyway.
Oh yeah…in older news: I got a cool new gift in a Holiday Swap on Ravelry. I think I’m going to make legwarmers with the two skeins of Alpaca that I got. How exciting is that??

Did I procrastinate? I mean, really, beginning in August, then taking a brief vacation from September to October in way of beginning the Christmas-Workshop does NOT seem like procrastination to me at all. AT ALL. Apparently so. I am not the only one. On Ravelry there are groups dedicated to the Christmas Madhouse Workshop. ┬áReally, I didn’t realize how much holiday guilt would be involved: see, there are some things only knitters get.

For instance, what if someone were to make a pair of socks with some really nice hand-dyed sock yarn for cousin/sister (insert relation here) A… and then Relation B in the opposing corner gets a pretty sweater out of a decent (but not hand-dyed) wool-blend. A knitter would understand the effort and craftsmanship that applies to each. The hand-dyed quality of the yarn would be a huge plus–but a non-knitter might think, “I got dinky socks? and Relation B got a whole Sweater??” That’s my issue…how do I make gifts for people that are equal in all eyes– to the knitter, the non-knitter and the ever-so-rare breed of a non-knitting fiber fanatic (my mother enjoys playing with yarn–balling yarn for me, fondling it, looking at patterns…but I can’t convince her to pick up the needles). My mother says that people mostly just appreciate a handknit gift. I agree with her. But I still have this nagging feeling that people will not understand that socks are as cool if not cooler than a sweater. In the case of knitting, bigger isn’t necessarily better.