I am making a sweater (pics later, I’m sure). It’s made out of the clearance yarn from J’s, and though I decided I am not thrilled with the yarn, I’m certainly not going to end my endeavors 80% through the process. You see, I have a sleeve and a half done and the front and back. I have only the yoke and collar left to do, so you can imagine my panic when I discovered I would be about two skeins short.

J’s closes at nine. My discovery was made at 8.02 pm. So. My live-in baby-sitter (thanks mom!) agreed I MUST attack the sale bins to finish the project before others snatched up the $1.97 purple skeins. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to continue on that same night, which was the plan; into the car i jumped and out I went on my way. One red light. Two red lights. Green, Green, Green. I got there at approximately 8.40 pm. I glided through the store to the ridiculously cheap sale bins; funny, I thought, could have sworn that I’d gotten all the lavender … but here they are…. I counted: 14 skeins! I took eight, made my way to the front to check out, thrilled to be able to finish the sweater with virtually no crises.

I got home, pulled out the balls and found, when placed next to my sleeve-in-progress, that yes, my first thought was right: there was no lavender left in the bin. Oh, but there was plenty of light blue. Fourteen skeins of light blue, in fact–eight of which now reside in my room.

The only pic I do have is of the new mitten, whose mate will be begun this weekend:IMG_8276
I have some ideas as to how to save the sweater…pictures and updates to follow.