Just a bit. Three small hanks tonight, in fact. I do mean small, too: 36 yards, 22 yards and 20 yards. Pretty pinky-shades because I have a tone of pinkish-peach-etc. fiber from an Ugly Batt that I ordered on a whim some time ago. I will post pictures, I hope, soon, but right now they’re hanging in the shower, blocking.

I’d take pictures of the hanks hanging out in the shower, but really, it’s not pretty in my shower. Oh. I mean. That makes it sound like I have algae growing in my bathroom or something. I don’t. It’s just a shower with your usual shower features–simply doesn’t do the yarn justice.

My arms are quite sore from all the spinning–36 yards may not seem like much. Certainly not 20 or 22. But when you’ve spun them all in a matter of 2 hours (some of the singles were previously spun)…

Let’s see. Nothing new on the homefront. No pictures because I’m a lazy sort, too.