I apologize for my apparent hiatus from (most of) the cyber world. My reason is not so exciting as KnitLuck’s. Really, the picture at the bottom of the blog says it all–congrats to you, Angela!!

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning–some with my handmade/gift spindle and some with my new (and shiny!) spindle made by the woman behind Butterfly Girl Designs. . . this is my pretty new spindle, which is much prettier, shinier and awesome in the flesh. Er. Stone.

Another reason for my disappearance? Well. That silly little etsy shop seems to have attracted the attentions of an editor at Lark Books. It might be small, and it might prove to be a dead end–but I, along with some other indie designers, were invited to submit designs. Specifically, cowls, capelets and collars. This is a little taste of what I came up with:

Lark Books-1Lark Books-4

Unfortunately, I am short and stubby and my neck is no different. I’m wondering if these are worth submitting; even moreso, I wonder if its worth trying to rewrite the patterns, perfecting it, etc. before June 12th. You see–I only found out about this opportunity¬† a few weeks ago, with the given deadline of June 12th. I have one pattern written, notes (illegible notes!) written for the others… but I certainly have no time for a test-knit. Any pointers, opinions or otherwise (the good, the bad and the ugly, really!) would be great in regards to these little knit-endeavors.

Never mind that. I suppose I can find some use for my little diddly-doos. Meanwhile? I’ll keep on going as I tend to go: slowly, diligently and sometimes a bit haphazardly.

It seems to work for me.