Well, I mean, in the pulse-possessing, breathing, eating and etc. sort of way.

I guess I’m very much alive, really–so alive that I’m losing touch with the cyber-world! My neighbor probably thinks I am weird: I find it strangely peaceful and calm in my garage, where I spin my fiber–so peaceful, in fact, that I decided to eat lunch there. Yeah. That probably seems weird. Maybe it IS weird–but the fibery surroundings made me think of all the things fiber-related here (on the web) that I’ve been neglecting.

SO. May and June are proving to be gigantic months: the rest of this month is dedicated to gearing up for June’s residency at Goddard in Plainfield, VT; already this month I’ve gone back to the Midwest where I saw dear friends, families and professors (professors who, I might add, are like friends and family combined).

Wow. I’ve not even taken many new pictures. That’s a bummer. Eh.