May 2009

Well, I mean, in the pulse-possessing, breathing, eating and etc. sort of way.

I guess I’m very much alive, really–so alive that I’m losing touch with the cyber-world! My neighbor probably thinks I am weird: I find it strangely peaceful and calm in my garage, where I spin my fiber–so peaceful, in fact, that I decided to eat lunch there. Yeah. That probably seems weird. Maybe it IS weird–but the fibery surroundings made me think of all the things fiber-related here (on the web) that I’ve been neglecting.

SO. May and June are proving to be gigantic months: the rest of this month is dedicated to gearing up for June’s residency at Goddard in Plainfield, VT; already this month I’ve gone back to the Midwest where I saw dear friends, families and professors (professors who, I might add, are like friends and family combined).

Wow. I’ve not even taken many new pictures. That’s a bummer. Eh.


I declared this MaNoWriMo, too, didn’t I? May-Novel-Writing-Month, that is. Well. Now I can’t concentrate. Isn’t that the way it goes. Any kind of challenge seems to be counter-effective in my case, unfortunately.

Well, as we all know, Yarn Everday Month in April was disastrous. Well. Not disastrous. Just. A total failure because of my negligence. I did spin–admittedly not everyday–but I failed to take pictures of everything.

Here are some pictures of April’s endeavors:

approximately 26 yards:

Will become a flower (or 2) for mother's day gifting...

Will become a flower (or 2) for mother's day gifting...

Unknown yardage:

What should I make with this? Really. I don't know.

What should I make with this? Really. I don't know.

And, finally, a single that I actually photographed…now I’m picking through my really pretty “Ugly Batt” trying to find complementary spinning fluff….


All for now…. off to the next thing! Which is something I’ve not yet defined… eh.