To follow up on the list I made the other day:

1. Etsy sales are up. And by “sales” I mean “sale” and by “up” I mean “not zero.” Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’m finding my “niche,” so to speak. The good thing about Etsy is that, much like Ravelry, it is a world unto itself. Right now? I am finding ways to make super cute and super economical mug cozies… and I’m knitting stuff for our Australian friends because, you know, it’s winter there; it is not winter here, and typically, I think, knitting is very much a warm and snow-covered sort of hobby. If that makes sense.

2. What was # 2 on my list? Knitting? Well, we’ll say that’s it. Knitting is good because it keeps the hand busy and productive. I’ve been knitting a lot lately. Look at the pictures. I think the yellow (at least on my monitor) is almost true to form!The purse is for the class I teach at the big J. Boss M is excited and we are promoting the fiber thing with all the energy our little crafty hearts can muster. I really like the Big J Team, for the most part, and Boss M seems cool– that is a good thing, because I really like teaching, too. I hope my students like that I teach. I don’t know. I sometimes feel like a really bad teacher. And by bad I do mean absolutely awful. I think it’s so natural and muscle-memoried for me (knitting, that is)–it’s difficult to break it down into beginner-baby-steps.

3. Spinning is also good. It, much like knitting, keeps the hands busy. I continue to read about spinning and learn more everyday. I’ll admit, I’ve been a slacker for a few days here. Sorry folks, no spin-fact for today. I’ve got some ideas.

4. I guess I’ll leave it at that for now. The list did help me remember what to talk about–at least partially. Eh. Well. Now I’m going to leave you with some pictures:

img_6503This is the yellow scarf. It’s pretty.

img_6526This is the purse that I made. This is the purse that I teach my students to make in Knit 101, too.

img_6535This is me, holding the purse. You can’t see it, but I am also holding the camera.