I have lost my voice to this cold nearly completely so it has offered me the opportunity to sit quietly and express myself through writing, rather than blabbering away to whatever ear might presently be lending itself.

Pictures of yarn later! Promise! For now, I want to say that while I did not learn a specific fact, I think I am in compliance with my goals, as I wrote 4 pages of reflection and rough prose for this spinning thing. I’ve also spun up a little bit of black and blue three ply!

I find the process writing is always a lesson in itself; the more I write about something: an idea or otherwise: I find that more about it becomes clear in the moment of relating it through my written words.

So, I began wondering about the history. Through talking to others, blogging (that whole “becomes clear in the moment of relating it…”), reading others’ blogs, reading books, magazines and so on, I’ve come to the conclusion that as important as spinning’s history may be, our contemporary culture is equally rich in modern and recent histories (infant histories, if you will).

I will hopefully someday embark on a journey through American history to discover the story behind the spindle–but right now, this little project seems to be shaping around the current spinning/fiber art culture.

From my (very) rough draft I am pulling a few of today’s thoughts:

…not only are we a unique demographic in the real world–we, as fiber artists–are taking the world-wide-web by storm and allowing ancient traditions (knitting, spinning and dyeing fibers) to meld  near seamlessly with the cyber-world…

That’s all for now. Yep. That’s the measely sentence you get, dear reader, from those four pages of practice-thinking. Don’t feel cheated! Really. Feel lucky……