Here’s to hoping I can keep up with blondechicken’s April challenge…

blondechicken says,

I love challenges that force you to become more aware of these every day moments and how you spend them. Art Every Day, NaNoWriMo, NaKniSweMo: they all make you think about how you spend your time and how you can work a bit more art, writing and knitting into your daily habits.

I like this idea, too, and so I’m partaking–as a member of the rav-group and also in my everyday life. It’s going to be a great writerly challenge, too: if I can gather one blip of a fact, minimum, everyday in April–well, that should prove a bit helpful in my new spin-write whim, right??

So. Here’s my pledge: post the fact, or the lesson learned, everyday on the blog here. Post the picture of spinning progress here, on ravelry, as a twit-pic or else on Flickr. Oh. Yeah. And spin, spin, spin, too!