I’m a total slug and have been these past few days. I’m groggy and tired and tired of being groggy, sick and tired!

All spinning has been on hold; rather, the research aspect–I’m learning a lot by doing, though! Thanks to those who have filled out the questionnaire and thanks to the poll-takers… I am playing with the direction this writing might take. Right now there are a lot of directions I could go: spinning as in the industry (manufacturers and spinning entrepreneurs–and that has about a billion different directional possibilities in itself!!); spinning as a cultural demographic… I really think I will include as much history in America as I can (for instance, DM offered the tidbit that a lot of spinning interest was revived around 1976 because of the bicentennial anniversary of the US). However, spinning’s traditional role in America seems to be a scarce subject– unless you count the takeover of mass-production spinning methods that overtook the art during the industrial revolution.

Instead of discussing how spinning by hand became nearly obsolete, I want to show how the art of handspinning has been preserved… how we have come to be a nation within a nation of closely “knit” women (and men) who, in general, have a passion for fiber and for tradition (because I think there lies a strong correlation between our obsessions and our respect for the histories of our obsessions).

I’ve been spinning some navy blue stuff up and it looks lovely thus far. I plyed my first little bit of yarn and it looks… creative.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for listening (reading) my little thought-meanderings!