Warning: the following post contains ideas and beliefs that may contradict yours. Please know that I respect individual ideas and beliefs–these are mine. I felt like blabbing them.

I think Sundays are great: everyone goes to church (at least around here), and that leaves me with: time, quiet and a general sense of peace. To me, I find the least peaceful thing to be cramming my toes into attractive shoes, putting on too-tight black pants and standing around singing about something I’m, well, really not sure exists. Okay, so you say, don’t wear uncomfortable shoes, buy some new pants and sing anyway. I also don’t find it peaceful to sit on an uncomfortable wooden bench (also called a pew) and listening to a guy–however nice he might be–talk about the eternal salvation of my soul–which may or may not be in danger, depending on the person you talk to.

If you were to ask me, I’d say that any kind of omnipresent god who actually created you, and me, and everyone and everything in-between, would probably not damn his (or her, or its) creations to hell or some place of the sort because he (or she or whatever) didn’t get the kind of recognition that a god deserves. I mean, that would be awfully childlike. It would be sort of like my creating a whole houseful of beautiful, incredibly lifelike miniatures and then saying, “oh, well, these little things–they just don’t suit me anymore– I’m going to have a huge bonfire and burn them all.” But it would be even worse–because the miniatures, in the real world, are people who have variating circumstances and real minds that work mostly the same–but each unique mind (perhaps created by this god) are different enough that one’s god may not think like another person’s god–in which case… well, it would just be cruel–not just childlishly ridiculous–to have a bonfire to burn all those minds and lives and souls and things.

Huge sigh. I guess I’m just saying that, in my variation of unique life and mind, we just are, I a just am, and I am learning to simply be.

However we got here is pretty cool anyhow.

However we got here is pretty cool anyhow.