The beautiful result of a trip to the LYS: Arucania sock yarn!

Ah! I told you I’d have pictures. And, yes, I have pictures. In fact, I’m importing them into my computer as we speak, then I’ll quickly crop and chop what needs be cropped and chopped, and then, my friend you will see the glorious (or not so) WIPs of the present moment.

Let’s see. We have a sock (shown on my arm; it would make a pretty armwarmer, though, wouldn’t it??). I’d show it to you on my foot, but I really hate my ankles cankles. sock: nearing the heel!!

And then there is the vest: a pink vest (that isn’t quite so pink in person).

Pink Vest: triple stranded with Cascade Pearls and two Moda Dea wool blends... loosely based on the Sloane Vest from YarnPlay.
The little person's sweater... so very simple, but so very sweet!

A little sweater for a little person–the back is finished, as you see here, but the front is not so.

The incorrectly pleated purse half.
img_5828And then a purse from Laura Irwin’s Boutique Knits. So, the pleating is correctly finished on the finished piece. The one still on the needles is only…well…half pleated. What thinks you, reader? To frog part of the incorrectly pleated piece or leave it?