Life’s funny. I’d been complaining that I was absolutely sick of being an unemployed college grad waiting to hear the verdict about grad school, waiting to get a job, waiting for life to begin. Life isn’t a waiting room, I complained, and I was tired of being more an observer, I wanted to be a contributor…

ENTER: My mother peeing at JoAnn’s Fabric & Crafts

She saw a sign advertising their need for knitting instructors. Knitting? Instructor? Knitting?

I jetted to the front counter where I immediately asked about the position. I was sent to the crafts room where I met the Director of Education…. and before I knew it, she was signing me up to knit at the Class Preview Day, and giving me several Knit 101 classes to teach.

This works wonderfully for me: I don’t have concrete hours from week to week, my work depends on, mostly, how much I want to do: I am, by nature, a self-starter, a bit the sort to lead, but I don’t mind following, either. This job will allow me to be the leader of my students, butI get the guidance of people who understand the business aspect of all of this better than I do.

Right now I’m working on samples of stuff to teach for the first few classes… someday I’ll have some pictures.  I am a woman of my word. Sometimes my word takes a detour, that’s all.