After a brief “retreat” from… well, everything, I kicked off the day with some stretching and a brisk walk to the Target on the corner of the main road and my road. It’s about half a mile there and back–not to mention that I usually wander the entire perimeter of the store and the square feet between at east three times.

I got new shoes while there–because I wore my cute sparkly purple shoes and, though comfy, flat and worn, they simply do not hold up to the whole notion of walking. The pair of All Stars that I opted for are a creamy white with little holes covering the entire shoe; this makes them extremely breathy and comfortable for one who has such stinky, sweaty feet. Other purchases include, but are not limited to:

  1. Binder (to hold important pieces of writing that DON’T end up in the slush pile).
  2. Small notebook specifically reserved for lists of places submitted, rejected and accepted.
  3. Coffee Creamer (because I like coconuts in my coffee).
  4. A really spiffy green (as in eco-friendly) gray (as in the color of rain clouds) accordion file to put–yes–writings, notes and such.

I think that’s nearly all. Luckily Target is not at all a far walk, because otherwise I imagine it woud have been a painful walk home. Luckily, my new shoes did not annoy my burgeoning blister and proved comfy, cushy support.

Once home I began cleaning. And I mean CLEANING. I cleared my bookshelves, rearranging all three large shelves to hold my books in alphabetized order (by genre, too!). I  then moved on to my room where I cleared out things that I knew I would never serve their intended purpose–or any other purpose, for that matter. It still needs work, but it’s good: it cleanses more than the space around me–cleanses the stuff in my head, too.