I don’t know how this happened–let me tell you a secret: I’m a grown up now!

I don’t feel like one. I probably don’t act like one, either. I should be job hunting, and I suppose I kind of am, but mostly, I find myself applying to grad schools (I s’pose that’s important, too)–and knitting.

When did I realize the grown up factor? I’m not sure. It’s been a progressive thing.ย  Maybe when I realized I could no longer touch the floor with my nose in the straddle stretch position… they say flexibility diminishes with age. Or maybe I realized it when I got called “ma’am” the other day in the check-out. Or when little kids have referred to me as “hey lady,” –that’s been a big wake up call.

I don’t have a “big girl job,” and I’m in educational limbo, I still live (TEMPORARILY) with the ‘rents…and so it makes the growing pains that much worse–it’s like growing while confined in the 4 foot parameters that once fit so well, but now I’m five feet or so–and I can’t exactly stretch.
img_3073Sometimes I miss sitting in a circle with good friends, three a.m., all of us holding our guitars and singing “American Pie.” Good times. But I think, in the end, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I didn’t have much purpose then. I’m still not sure what, if any purpose, I serve–but I know that I’m going somewhere. I didn’t think about “going” or “somewhere” back then; it was a crowded and lonely existence…

Now I’m just crowded by yarn. Yeah. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope to report exciting knit-meeting details after tonight’s group get-together! Stay posted (more of interest next time–I hope!)