I love Lush.

You know–the lovely handmade bath and body products? (If you don’t know, you should check it out).
Anyway. I should say: I used to love Lush, until this gosh-darned recession. But, as my good friend over at I Am a Refined Young Lady! says, it’s time to be a “recessionista.” But even a savvy recessionista must indulge a bit. Today–I bought a small jar of (well, it’s not even big enough to be called a jar) of Ultra Bland: a soft, buttery cream that can be used without water. The lady who sold me the jar that I did not intend to buy assured me it could last at least 4 months if I used it sparingly. Now, you see, I used to use …. this
Now, it may look funny, but this funky gunk is awesome. So…. I decided to give the creamy cleanser a go– my skin is older now, and I may as well thank it for putting up with me.
I think this luscious cleanser will give my skin cause to thank me in return.