And running, too, I might add.

I am most def going to be turning in my grad-app on or before Monday. That would be the application to Goddard’s MFA Program. Whee!

I do have a good feeling about it. Watch, give it time, I’ll be saying: “OMG, I never should have applied, I am SUCH a loser!” Nonetheless…

I’m working on a hat (no pics as of yet [which is okay because it’s just some yarn on a cable wire strung between two needles right now, heheh]). I do need to take pictures of other stuff, though–like the Red Rose Gray hat. It’s totally inspired by that hat worn by Angelina Jolie in The Changeling. You know, that hat.

Except mine is grey. With a knitted flower on the side. Bah. I sense I’ll be forced to take a picture…….