Really, this entry has nothing to do with the hippopotamus. I typed Hibiscuses, and it made me think of the funny (and similar) plural of Hippopotamuses… I like the alliteration, really.

Anyway. About the hibiscus. And the bag. And the felted flower that was inspired by the hibiscus!

You see, I was always firmly opposed to felting. I thought it was silly. But then I felted this purse.
I think I’m a felting fiend now.
I especially like making the flowers:
I felt a big piece of knitted wool,
then I cut the petal by hand (and no template)–then felt by hand the edges of the flower, which lets me shape the petal into the fantabulous little creation above.
Well. I think it’s fantabulous. Who knew I’d ever felt a single thing–ever?!