February 2009

Life’s funny. I’d been complaining that I was absolutely sick of being an unemployed college grad waiting to hear the verdict about grad school, waiting to get a job, waiting for life to begin. Life isn’t a waiting room, I complained, and I was tired of being more an observer, I wanted to be a contributor…

ENTER: My mother peeing at JoAnn’s Fabric & Crafts

She saw a sign advertising their need for knitting instructors. Knitting? Instructor? Knitting?

I jetted to the front counter where I immediately asked about the position. I was sent to the crafts room where I met the Director of Education…. and before I knew it, she was signing me up to knit at the Class Preview Day, and giving me several Knit 101 classes to teach.

This works wonderfully for me: I don’t have concrete hours from week to week, my work depends on, mostly, how much I want to do: I am, by nature, a self-starter, a bit the sort to lead, but I don’t mind following, either. This job will allow me to be the leader of my students, butI get the guidance of people who understand the business aspect of all of this better than I do.

Right now I’m working on samples of stuff to teach for the first few classes… someday I’ll have some pictures.  I am a woman of my word. Sometimes my word takes a detour, that’s all.


People get sick. It happens. I’m not sick, but I’m keeping the sick company… so I’m not going to the LYS like I had hoped to…

I was making a purse from this book by Laura Irwin. I ran out of yarn. But it’s all okay: I’m simply omitting the flap closer which will save yardage and, though it will be close, I can have a flapless purse; Instead, I’ll opt for a zipper and I’m hoping it will be super cute.

Sorry. Still no pictures.

I’ve gotten some good writing done. It’s kind of mundane: about mundane people, mundane events…the interesting part is the psychology. What makes mundane people do mundane, though odd, things. For instance, why does a grieving widow date the same (slightly creepy) man for three months, at which point suggesting sex–even though she isn’t in the slightest attracted to him? That’s my character now. It’s more an exercise in understanding the heads of characters. My goal is to get this woman’s strange and somewhat uninteresting behavior to be understanding and intriguing. This woman wears black on her Friday night dates; she hates the fact her steady date is an electric train enthusiast and is repulsed by the degree of affection he displays toward his mother.

Okay. Maybe it’s a little lame. But at least I am writing again. I keep telling myself that. It’s practice, and other ideas will spawn, I am sure, from this lame little exercise. If nothing else, I might even keep up the habit. I used to be so diligent–but lately I find I never write, and this, at least, is a positive change of pace.

Okay. Not exactly. Has anyone else been so exhausted it literally becomes a bit of a psychotropic trip? Nope? Just me? Okay then…


I’ve got this idea. It’s an idea concerning words. And plots. And people–and how people seemingly separate are really intertwined; its the whole concept of domino effect or whatever you may choose to call it– think of It’s a Wonderful Life (a movie, honestly, I’ve never seen in full). What I do know about the movie is that it teaches us how our lives, no matter how small or seemingly meaningless, have a greater impact than we could ever imagine.

That’s what I’m setting out to do in my next huge vision. Suddenly, I realized that all my characters: M, H, J, B, S and T and Little B–they’re all a part of one huge sory so intricately woven together that not even I, the illustrator, could see the seams.

Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Seamless.
That works for me–I personally hate having to seam my knitted garments; only makes sense that it would be an even greater pain to mess with the seams of humanity.

After a brief “retreat” from… well, everything, I kicked off the day with some stretching and a brisk walk to the Target on the corner of the main road and my road. It’s about half a mile there and back–not to mention that I usually wander the entire perimeter of the store and the square feet between at east three times.

I got new shoes while there–because I wore my cute sparkly purple shoes and, though comfy, flat and worn, they simply do not hold up to the whole notion of walking. The pair of All Stars that I opted for are a creamy white with little holes covering the entire shoe; this makes them extremely breathy and comfortable for one who has such stinky, sweaty feet. Other purchases include, but are not limited to:

  1. Binder (to hold important pieces of writing that DON’T end up in the slush pile).
  2. Small notebook specifically reserved for lists of places submitted, rejected and accepted.
  3. Coffee Creamer (because I like coconuts in my coffee).
  4. A really spiffy green (as in eco-friendly) gray (as in the color of rain clouds) accordion file to put–yes–writings, notes and such.

I think that’s nearly all. Luckily Target is not at all a far walk, because otherwise I imagine it woud have been a painful walk home. Luckily, my new shoes did not annoy my burgeoning blister and proved comfy, cushy support.

Once home I began cleaning. And I mean CLEANING. I cleared my bookshelves, rearranging all three large shelves to hold my books in alphabetized order (by genre, too!). I  then moved on to my room where I cleared out things that I knew I would never serve their intended purpose–or any other purpose, for that matter. It still needs work, but it’s good: it cleanses more than the space around me–cleanses the stuff in my head, too.

After nodding off upright for no more than twenty minutes at a time for at least a week, last night’s hard snooze from ten pm until 4.30 this morning seems like blessed beauty rest.

img_5068 This leaf is felted from a scrapped felt swatch… I love cutting these things by hand. I laid all the pieces out in puzzle-piece fashion and discovered that I had a leaf! Now, what to do with the leaf…

I am thinking a big messenger bag with this leaf appliqued onto the body of the bag. If anyone has any idea as to what this little leafy fellow would be good for, please let me know.

Leave a comment.

Or something.

I’ve begun a cowl, too (sorry, no pics [yet] but so far it’s kind of cute…)

I don’t know how this happened–let me tell you a secret: I’m a grown up now!

I don’t feel like one. I probably don’t act like one, either. I should be job hunting, and I suppose I kind of am, but mostly, I find myself applying to grad schools (I s’pose that’s important, too)–and knitting.

When did I realize the grown up factor? I’m not sure. It’s been a progressive thing.  Maybe when I realized I could no longer touch the floor with my nose in the straddle stretch position… they say flexibility diminishes with age. Or maybe I realized it when I got called “ma’am” the other day in the check-out. Or when little kids have referred to me as “hey lady,” –that’s been a big wake up call.

I don’t have a “big girl job,” and I’m in educational limbo, I still live (TEMPORARILY) with the ‘rents…and so it makes the growing pains that much worse–it’s like growing while confined in the 4 foot parameters that once fit so well, but now I’m five feet or so–and I can’t exactly stretch.
img_3073Sometimes I miss sitting in a circle with good friends, three a.m., all of us holding our guitars and singing “American Pie.” Good times. But I think, in the end, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I didn’t have much purpose then. I’m still not sure what, if any purpose, I serve–but I know that I’m going somewhere. I didn’t think about “going” or “somewhere” back then; it was a crowded and lonely existence…

Now I’m just crowded by yarn. Yeah. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope to report exciting knit-meeting details after tonight’s group get-together! Stay posted (more of interest next time–I hope!)

My favorite of all the pictures taken of moi in the hat...

My favorite of all the pictures taken of moi in the hat...

The hat is up on etsy and I’m excited. I debated taking pics with me wearing it, simply because I wondered if people would be eeked out to see someone wearing a hat that would potentially be on their own head.

I don’t know–reader, would you be worried if you saw your future hat being worn by some strange lady? I wish I had a head-form. Or a dress-form. Or better yet: BOTH!

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