The Cardigan of Youth is so near finished. On December 25th, I presented it to Grandpa R:

He seemed to like it.
Eventually, I blocked it (upon my return). I’ve taken over the garage: you see, I’m not a “serious” knitter, so I don’t own a blocking board. My blocking board consists of a wheelbarrow, plywood and a bunch of towels:
First, the wheelbarrow serves as a not-so-sturdy and mobile base. The plywood serves as the top of my “table” and all the towels become the thing to which I pin the piece. 
Then I blocked the J&J Bunting. The baby was born, too: December 31st. I have yet to see the baby, as she is in IL and I am here. But this is her bunting:

And this is the lace detail:

And this is how the two “almost FO’s” get blocked on my fabulous board:
I need to find some zipperage. I lost the zipperage I acquired sometime ago. Oh, they’re floating about somewhere–I’m pretty sure the gremlins took them, though. It’s okay. 
Maybe I will have some truly Finished-Finished Objects to show you soon. 
I have a few WIPs that need to be photographed and so on… I need to take better pictures, too. So. Here’s to hopes of better blogginess in the future.