Oh my goodness: it was a bit hectic. Has it really been so long since I last posted? That is a travesty, I tell you, a travesty. Okay, not so much, but you–you must see the picture of the yarn (below)–if you do not see the (mediocre) picture of the yarn, that really would be a travesty.

I was in Illinois–my little iPhone sufficed and I (secretly) enjoyed the fact that I did not once–not even once–open my laptop after our first day in my dear old hometown. 
And then. Family, food and… oh, I’m sure some of other fun alliterating word falls somewhere nicely into that sentence. 
Toward the end of the week I went yarn shopping:

That yarn is gorgeous, I tell you: Gorgeous. I have ideas. I will someday act on them. I’ll keep you posted…. but the posting could be sometime in the future. (Picture courtesy of the iPhone–it is an okay picture, but seriously–doesn’t do it justice). Oh, yeah, that’s a Boucle yarn from Cherry Tree Hill, by the way, with some glitterspun action going on. 
I got one other skein of yarn–it’s not picture-worthy, really. Oh, it is pretty enough–some Berroco “Comfort Sock” yarn that I chose because, though it is not a natural fiber, it would be a good choice for my warm-weathered feet.
I finished the Cardigan of Youth (pictures to follow)–and also a mug cozy for my grandmother:
The mug cozy is a very pretty autumnal rust color, but the lighting and the iPhone-ness of the picture simply don’t do it justice.

My my, I am so very tired. I have taken very few pictures, really–of anything. I’m knitting here and there, but mostly, since graduation I’ve just…I don’t know. I don’t know what I’ve done. I am starting to pick up the pens and needles and hope to carve and craft something very interesting very soon. But for now?
I sleep.