So…I’m now co-moderator of several groups, including The Bloomsbury Knitters–a forum dedicated to the lovely Virginia Woolf–a group I happened to have founded. I think this all qualifies me as an official Ravelry-Addict/Knit-Geek. I mean. To the highest degree of degrees, really.

I’ve made little progress on the “Cardigan of Youth” as it is now called (I admit, it does sound better than “Old Man Cardigan”–Thanks M). But maybe I’ll have it done by the time I head north to see the fam.
I think many of us dread the holidaze. I mean. Really now– it’s just wrong when the stores start playing the carols right after Halloween. Seriously.
Well. This is embarrassing. I have some photos of a small portion of my stash. Taken the day before the big sale… I did de-stash this yarn pictured by selling some yarn for ungodly cheap prices. But really now? Who needs this much yarn? And this isn’t all of it!!!!


This is all the cheapy yarn that I sold super…well…cheap. I’m talking: $1/skein. And by the end of the day? I sold a whole bag for 10 cents/skein!