Some people are really good for you: like chamomile is good for a snotty nose; and handwarmers are good for the …hands….

these handwarmers were a super quick and easy pattern…
    I now have two: one is (kind of poorly) seamed. And the other is blocking..
To a Drummer Named Dusty
It is Cascade 220,
a heathered
that the knitters know–
too well.
And I do not know you
too well.
But if you find
a glove that reaches a bit
a ways above your hand,
but stops short of the second knuckle–
if you find a knitted moss creeping
like a strange vine 
around your thumb:
Please know…
I knit this,
and I knit this well,
but, fuck you, for never
returning the glove because
I knit the moss again,
I knit the vine again,
and I knit it like armor–
I knit it up tightly:
too well.
That’s a really bad poem and I know. But it’s supposed to be funny. 
Remember how I said some people are really good for you? 
        I have many of those people in
 my life these days: it is good. I appreciate the chamomile people who help me keep my nose free of snot.
<——-I wish I had a better picture. The double moss stitch is really cool. I mean, like super-gravy cool.