Yeahhhhhh…I probably have a lot to write about.

     But I’m probably not going to.
Or maybe I will
NaNo sucks: in the sense of words. 
Don’t I look perplexed??
NaNo is awesome: in the way of good friends.

J. is seriously the most awesome ML ever, ever, ever. 
 I’ve only got 33k. Barely 33k. Folks, it’s the 20-somethingth. That blows. Because I’m not going to hit 50k. Good news is. I’m not delusional, so I’m not killing myself to hit the big 50. And hey, you know, meeting J and M and K and Mr. K..and all the rest…well. It’s been pretty gravy-cool.

That’s Mr. K over there, trying to…fix his back. I think. We’re not really sure what he’s doing. Most times. But whatever, I find it a charming thing of sorts.

That’s Mr. K and J. 
I don’t like this…I can’t get these words to wrap and kern and such as I wish. But What-Ever.
My friends:
 There was yarn. 
There was Knittage. 
There was a little fingerless glove, too!
Then I got drunk. 
Then I gave the little glove to some drummer 
named Dusty.
Mr. K protected me that night. 
That was good.
 But he, nor J, could retrieve the glove.
I puked on me. Worse, I puked on Mr. K. 
That’s embarrassing.
       I don’t have pictures of any of this to post 
(too bad–that would be most entertaining, now wouldn’t it?)
So I’ve begun again.

And the yarn-yard-sale? Yes, La-La–it went well. I gave tons of yarn away. Pretty much. By the end. But that’s okay. It’s gone, done…

See. I realize now: I’m a compulsive buyer.
     But I’m also a yarn snob.
I buy cheap yarn compulsively.
    But later, I snobbishly dismiss it.
Because it’s cheap.