I am such a silly-head.

No, really, I am.
So…Apparently I was struck with…some kind of….I don’t know….12 hour flu? I had a fever of 100 or so, I felt like excrement, and I obviously wasn’t thinking straight. I thought for SURE I was going to have the flu.
No, no flu. Just exhaustion, I think. And in the exhaustion–yeah, I became absolutely, positively pissy about everything.
Now, you must understand, I am typically…eh…not too pessimistic. Yesterday? I was a bitch. Plain and simple: B-I-T-C-H
But now I think I’m better. I’m sorry to all who had to listen to me whine….I can’t…I can’t….really, I can’t.
I can.
And I will.
I’m stubborn and competitive and possess all those other traits that have generally annoyed men for the past…um…thousand+ years.
So: daily goals:
  1. Finish L384 rough draft.
  2. A215  assignment [place a little spiffy check mark here, because I finished it earlier today.]
And there are other things, too. But those are most important at this point. I also must:
  • Read Aidoo’s _Changes…_
  • Get to 15, 500 words with NaNo (yes, yes I must!)
  • Accomplish a bit of knitting.
  • At least think of a topic for the upcoming L383 paper.
I bid thee farewell