This really pretty Malabrigo isn’t the subject of my post. It’s just pretty. It’s the stuff of the purse I’m making. I stumbled across the picture and though, *sigh*, I like this yarn. So I’m cyber-sharing: Malabrigo’s kettle-dyed colorway: Azalea. 

Knitters who might happen upon this post may say, “MS4, that is sooo last month.” Or maybe even 2 months ago. Whichever. I gave up because classes were kicking my arse. I began using J. Knits Lace-a-Licious (a name that now gags me in part because of the really annoying guy on the last season of Project Runway. Anyone as much a geek as I am? No hands? Okay…)

Well, anyway, I didn’t like Lace-a-Licious so much. It was kind of pretty. But damn, it was like knitting with a spider’s web-stuff. I don’t think it technically counts 
as cobweb lace…but I’m just not that talented. So…I ordered this really pretty colorway from Knitpicks. It’s gray. Sterling, I think it’s called. Makes me think of pewter, really, but whatever…
And I got these really pretty pink beads that look so super awesome with the gray-blue yarn.
But then I dropped all the beads. 
I don’t have any pictures. But beads aren’t as fun to look at, anyay.
And I proceeded to pick up as many as I could. But I dropped them into carpet. 
It sucked.
So, needless to say, I put it all on hold. I’m posting pictures of both yarns. You’ll agree, the gray is nicer, I think. I will post a picture of progress when more has been made. After NaNoWriMo is over, I will resume the lace. Or perhaps I shouldn’t resume until finals are over…we’ll see. But I will finish it. Eventually. I’m not thrilled about grafting the whole thing together. But that’s okay. Perhaps J can help there.