It’s 6.22 a.m. 

Never mind what my post-time tag says.
If it’s different, it’s because I’ve not figured out how to change the time zone correctly.
Now: In Bigger, Better, WriMo news:
    I wrote a whopping 0 words yesterday. Yes, that’s right folks, Zero words. I mean, for NaNoWriMo…….If 
writing about other people’s books, well then, I probably wrote at least 1,000. Probably more. I’m glad this is my last semester of undergrad. I mean, really. Really.
Oh, yeah, did you hear that Barack Obama is the new president? Yes, yes, I’m sure you did. As someone said recently, the country is in the proverbial shitter. I like the terminology. I mean, despite the obvious crude nature, “shitter” has a certain quality of conveying a precise image. Don’t you think?
Well…the past years have been hellish; I was so busy dealing with my own life, to be quite honest I didn’t have time to completely notice the devastating state of the rest of the world. That is, I’m sure, because I was younger. And because things really were that bad: seriously. 
In other “political” news: my cousin comes home from Iraq this month. She’s excited. I’m excited. It’s good. She misses snow and she misses grass. Yes, it is political. Political on the personal level: I t
hink we sometimes forget that politics are not just about “them” and “over there”–it’s “us” and “here,” too. 
Honestly, though, I must say that people
are more aware. More aware than I am, I’m sure.

I have to say, good job, 20-somethin’s. I mean,
we’re known as the lazy bums cruising through college,
or crashing with our parents after we graduate from college.
Or whatever.
But, seriously, I really think we stepped up in this election.
We have brains.
We used them: and we made a difference.
she’s coming home!
So, to anyone who received an “I Voted” sticker–you’re a peach, and I mean it, Peaches.