I have made procrastination into a noun. Really now, how many of us ascribe to this little god of destructive behavior? We don’t mean to…it just happens. The art of procrastination is very intricate, very tricky to master. I am, I think, the Pope of Procrastinationism. 

I began knitting my little carpet bag: this really cool one that’s, like, neat colors. Can’t describe it, just look at it, then:
I took this with my phone, so it’s not exactly awesome. But you get the idea. It’s pretty.
   And I’ve decided to make it a little zip-top accessory pouch because I simply don’t have the time, patience or want to make the friggin humongo bag–though it is pretty cool.
I’m nearly to 8000 words. 
10000 was my original goal.
Oh well.
I’ll settle.
In other news: uh. I guess there is no other news.  Mostly I’m procrastinating: I realy don’t want to write academic papers anymore.