November 2008

Some people are really good for you: like chamomile is good for a snotty nose; and handwarmers are good for the …hands….

these handwarmers were a super quick and easy pattern…
    I now have two: one is (kind of poorly) seamed. And the other is blocking..
To a Drummer Named Dusty
It is Cascade 220,
a heathered
that the knitters know–
too well.
And I do not know you
too well.
But if you find
a glove that reaches a bit
a ways above your hand,
but stops short of the second knuckle–
if you find a knitted moss creeping
like a strange vine 
around your thumb:
Please know…
I knit this,
and I knit this well,
but, fuck you, for never
returning the glove because
I knit the moss again,
I knit the vine again,
and I knit it like armor–
I knit it up tightly:
too well.
That’s a really bad poem and I know. But it’s supposed to be funny. 
Remember how I said some people are really good for you? 
        I have many of those people in
 my life these days: it is good. I appreciate the chamomile people who help me keep my nose free of snot.
<——-I wish I had a better picture. The double moss stitch is really cool. I mean, like super-gravy cool. 

Yeahhhhhh…I probably have a lot to write about.

     But I’m probably not going to.
Or maybe I will
NaNo sucks: in the sense of words. 
Don’t I look perplexed??
NaNo is awesome: in the way of good friends.

J. is seriously the most awesome ML ever, ever, ever. 
 I’ve only got 33k. Barely 33k. Folks, it’s the 20-somethingth. That blows. Because I’m not going to hit 50k. Good news is. I’m not delusional, so I’m not killing myself to hit the big 50. And hey, you know, meeting J and M and K and Mr. K..and all the rest…well. It’s been pretty gravy-cool.

That’s Mr. K over there, trying to…fix his back. I think. We’re not really sure what he’s doing. Most times. But whatever, I find it a charming thing of sorts.

That’s Mr. K and J. 
I don’t like this…I can’t get these words to wrap and kern and such as I wish. But What-Ever.
My friends:
 There was yarn. 
There was Knittage. 
There was a little fingerless glove, too!
Then I got drunk. 
Then I gave the little glove to some drummer 
named Dusty.
Mr. K protected me that night. 
That was good.
 But he, nor J, could retrieve the glove.
I puked on me. Worse, I puked on Mr. K. 
That’s embarrassing.
       I don’t have pictures of any of this to post 
(too bad–that would be most entertaining, now wouldn’t it?)
So I’ve begun again.

And the yarn-yard-sale? Yes, La-La–it went well. I gave tons of yarn away. Pretty much. By the end. But that’s okay. It’s gone, done…

See. I realize now: I’m a compulsive buyer.
     But I’m also a yarn snob.
I buy cheap yarn compulsively.
    But later, I snobbishly dismiss it.
Because it’s cheap.

So I’m selling a bunch of yarn out of my garage because that’s what people do at garage sales. 

Actually, people don’t typically sell yarn at garage sales. That’s what I do.
And I have a TON of yarn, I tell you. I took pictures. But I have yet to put them on here. But I’ll show you. You will be astounded.
I was astounded.
It is mostly yarny-horror, not yarny-goodness, but some people are compulsive yarn buyers, like me. And that’s a good thing, because one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
Or shall I say: one knitter’s orphan is another knitter’s stash enhancer.

I am such a silly-head.

No, really, I am.
So…Apparently I was struck with…some kind of….I don’t know….12 hour flu? I had a fever of 100 or so, I felt like excrement, and I obviously wasn’t thinking straight. I thought for SURE I was going to have the flu.
No, no flu. Just exhaustion, I think. And in the exhaustion–yeah, I became absolutely, positively pissy about everything.
Now, you must understand, I am typically…eh…not too pessimistic. Yesterday? I was a bitch. Plain and simple: B-I-T-C-H
But now I think I’m better. I’m sorry to all who had to listen to me whine….I can’t…I can’t….really, I can’t.
I can.
And I will.
I’m stubborn and competitive and possess all those other traits that have generally annoyed men for the past…um…thousand+ years.
So: daily goals:
  1. Finish L384 rough draft.
  2. A215  assignment [place a little spiffy check mark here, because I finished it earlier today.]
And there are other things, too. But those are most important at this point. I also must:
  • Read Aidoo’s _Changes…_
  • Get to 15, 500 words with NaNo (yes, yes I must!)
  • Accomplish a bit of knitting.
  • At least think of a topic for the upcoming L383 paper.
I bid thee farewell

No! Not you, dear reader. Just ta-ta to NaNoWriMo. 

Never mind the thing of grades, I pick sanity over a stellar GPA at this point.
No pictures. Nothing of interest.
I had horrible NaNo Nightmares last night. Seriously.

This really pretty Malabrigo isn’t the subject of my post. It’s just pretty. It’s the stuff of the purse I’m making. I stumbled across the picture and though, *sigh*, I like this yarn. So I’m cyber-sharing: Malabrigo’s kettle-dyed colorway: Azalea. 

Knitters who might happen upon this post may say, “MS4, that is sooo last month.” Or maybe even 2 months ago. Whichever. I gave up because classes were kicking my arse. I began using J. Knits Lace-a-Licious (a name that now gags me in part because of the really annoying guy on the last season of Project Runway. Anyone as much a geek as I am? No hands? Okay…)

Well, anyway, I didn’t like Lace-a-Licious so much. It was kind of pretty. But damn, it was like knitting with a spider’s web-stuff. I don’t think it technically counts 
as cobweb lace…but I’m just not that talented. So…I ordered this really pretty colorway from Knitpicks. It’s gray. Sterling, I think it’s called. Makes me think of pewter, really, but whatever…
And I got these really pretty pink beads that look so super awesome with the gray-blue yarn.
But then I dropped all the beads. 
I don’t have any pictures. But beads aren’t as fun to look at, anyay.
And I proceeded to pick up as many as I could. But I dropped them into carpet. 
It sucked.
So, needless to say, I put it all on hold. I’m posting pictures of both yarns. You’ll agree, the gray is nicer, I think. I will post a picture of progress when more has been made. After NaNoWriMo is over, I will resume the lace. Or perhaps I shouldn’t resume until finals are over…we’ll see. But I will finish it. Eventually. I’m not thrilled about grafting the whole thing together. But that’s okay. Perhaps J can help there.

I feel guilty. I should be writing a novel. Or finish that dumb baby-bunting that I’m knitting for J&J’s soon-to-be rugrat.

But I am not.
No, I am writing for the second time today. I seriously thought that was yesterday. I took a very long nap this afternoon.
I quit smoking today, folks. I used to be the worst friggin’ chain-smoker in the world, but then I quit. I love Chantix for that–but then I fell off the proverbial wagon. At least I never went back to 1 and a 1/2 packs a day, right? That’s what I tell myself. So…
24 hours in counting, sans nicotine. And I’m not really grouchy. No grouchier than usual, I guess.
Well. I think I was going to say something else. But I don’t remember now.

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