Remember when:
1.  Your parents were the coolest superheroes.

2. That imaginary superhuman cape really did become magic.
3. Closing your 

eyes seriously made the world go away.

4. Running away wasn’t “running away” from something–it was running toward open arms.

5. The biggest obstacle was the couch, the tree or the neighbor’s fence.

6. A busted lip was a badge of honor deserving a kiss and ice chips.

7. Worms weren’t so gross and caterpillars were fun to play with.

8. You got to stay up late to catch firef
lies–and those fireflies were the night light.

9. Bad dreams were okay because someone was always there to tuck you in again.

10. And remember when it was easy to think of all the good things–instead of staring at the screen trying to remember all the good things you thought you’d never forget.

I am a firm believer that everything in life is fodder: I am a writer. I use my experience to write things. A painter will use her experience, her life as a medium; same as the sculptor; really–everyone does this. Not just the artsy folk. Perhaps a cardiologist becomes a cardiologist because his mother/sister/brother/aunt/what-have-you died at 42 of heart-disease.
I don’t know. I mean, it’s just that life is about suffering and lessening the suffering of others (and hopefully someone lessens your own suffering in return).