Really, I do. I sent a query months ago–really, I’d forgotten I’d done it at all. And I heard from the editor of _Grit_ magazine that they were very interested in this personal essay that I wrote. What?? I had to search the annals of my computer to even find the file that contained this “beautifully written” piece. Hmmm…I’ll take it. I’m seriously so excited. I feel like maybe I really am a writer. I mean, I know I am a writer, but I want to not feel silly and childish when I write.

Oh, and yeah: this is old news, but I finished
the scarf and that’s me, wearing it. With my tree shirt.
It occurs to me that I wear the tree shirt often.
Right now I am wearing Audrey Hepburn, though.
I like the scarf. The fringe totally made it.
I hate to say it, but I haven’t knit all that much lately. Classes are kicking my ass. Seriously.