This picture is horrid, 

                              but it really isn’t because I am high.                                    
           Actually it is because of this:
It was exciting, though we lost…we won last night–the night AFTER I was there. Eh…but I still saw the Rays’ first World Series game EVER.
The game was also a reminder of what great things knitting can do: the grumpier old man to my right (not my dad–he was to my left) began talking to me about, of all things, my knitting. And until he gave up hope in the 7th he continued to talk to me about everything from iPhones, computers and “damned technology” to knitting sweaters, the time it takes to knit a sweater, and so on. 
I really couldn’t have been happier. 
From the desk of Purls, I bid you all 

a wonderfully entertaining Friday evening. I, on the other hand, will enjoy some dry literature. It should be wildly entertaining. See the glazed, dazed expression? The tight-lipped, “i’m not sure about this???” smile? Yes…it’s a semi-permanent state these days.

I can’t complain. I think I’ll knit a bit–I promise to have pictures containing yarn one day very soon. I know. I’m not being a very reliable blog-narrator–but there is no purpose in it here. 
I’m simply unreliable.