I mean, I have to be. A baseball enthusiast, I mean. My uncle played in the minors, he pitched an exhibition for Toronto; my cousins (his kids) are, like, baseball prodigies or something… Well, they both received baseball scholarships–that is amazing to me: I am the one who twinkle-toed my way through high school with extracurriculars such as jazz, ballet. I also sported care bear tee-shirts and My Little Pony hoodies (complete with the ears, people)… and I was the VP of the Drama Club. So. I think it sums it up.

Okay: it was the Stitch ‘n’ Pitch in St. Pete and I was seeing this team called the Rays (who? I asked then–but no matter–I got free yarn).  The game was fun, sure, but it was much more fun to knit my little bonnet. Seriously.
But, in truth, I fell in love with the American tradition and have since begun following it–and of course, this is the year that the Rays make the World Series. Super cool.