I’m making the Purl Scarf for a friend by the name of Byrne. Nan Byrne. She’s a cool cat–she compiled the collection of short stories, Bar Stories, and you can check out the book here and/or read her blog all about bar stories.

So, the scarf, you say, what of the scarf?
Well, it was inspired when I saw the yarn on Three Irish Girls and there was a colorway called…
And how lovely it was, so I bought it…and then I
got a couple of skinny yarns to triple strand the simple scarf pattern–and voila: on big needles, this scarf flies and after a few hours:

In the way of other knit-news in Purls’ World: I have all but finished the little bunting. It’s sort of cute: I wrestled with the seaming of the head and, frankly, didn’t care for their directions so it’s really a botch job, though I tried to save the little darling head. And I put two right sleeves on the thing–I’m hoping with deceiving blocking I can hide this fact.

Did I mention I quilt? I am learning anyhow. I will perhaps keep an up
date on this pretty quilt that I’m working on. It’s the Sawtooth Star pattern. I do like my lavenders…