True, I am a writer by trade…er…an aspiring writer by trade. That would be why I am an English major applying to MFA programs. I keep telling myself this. But I still feel completely incompetent in signing up for NaNoWriMo. I’m working on one novel–and have been–since last January or so. And it’s only 3/4 done. 

But, I tell myself, this will get me away from dear old Mabel (my lovely protagonist) and into a new world, and it will be good for me. I’m so busy already: five classes, my obligatory knitting (oh quit snickering!) and my other life as well. 
But I have this idea…about a boy…who lives in a place called Balsam River (but not the one in N. Carolina). And it will probably be pretty terrible. Mostly, I just got the word “Balsam” stuck in my head, and I really like the sound. Yeah, I bet that is the mark of a genius…..