I can see already how this blog will go. It’s not that I’m busy, necessarily–it is the un-busy nature of boredom that prevents me from writing. In the knit-world, though, I suppose I have news worthy things to speak of. Kind of.

The Mystery Stole 4 goes well–er–went well. Until I realized that Christmas is some two months away. I’ve got a sweater to make and some other stuff–other stuff that I’ve not even cast on yet. But the thing of the sweater: a month or so ago I began the armhole decreases. Sweet! I was so ahead of the game. Then I realized I had highlighted the incorrect size–two sizes too large. My intended receiver would SWIM in a 2x so…ribbit. 
So now I’m half way (maybe) to the arm decreases. 
Which is why MS4 is on hold–I’ve decided it best to place all the yarn and beads, etc. in a bag and put it in my stash trunk. My stash trunk is huge. And when I opened this huge, huge steamer-like chest, I saw there was little room for my MS4 wip. I am ashamed of my ridiculous amount of yarn… Hi. I’m Purls, and I’m a yarnaholic.