September 2008

These are my lovely old glasses.

Today I went to the optometrist and I am only a bit more blind than before, but I have developed astigmatism…could this be from eye-strain? Eye-strain, that is, from staring at Ravelry and knitting all day?? They did the thing with drops and dilated my eyes and my eyes were so hugely dilated, and so the brightness was killer, of course, resulting in a “I’m a stoner, man,” kind of squint. So
that’s what I looked like freshman year of college…

anyway…I have no cataracts. And I picked out super cute glasses that are like the ones I have now, but these are black and white as opposed to teal and green.

On the knitting front: I’ve begun a baby-shower gift for my cousin’s wife–due in January. It’s the most darling baby-bunting and I’m mostly done. These are the two fron
t sides, to be joined later, and there will be a zipper:

It’s okay–no mistakes I’ve seen yet. I guess it’a a vintage pattern…from the 70’s. But I found it online, and I would link it if I remembered it. But I don’t.

Before I was known as Purls, I had a blog. It was boring. It was meant to keep in touch with folks after I moved from my little farm life in a little farm-town. It failed miserably. But after some time, I thought perhaps I would write again; the few who stumble upon my humble corner of the great cyber-universe can read about a knit, a purl, a book or a verse. Welcome to another knit-blog. 

My apologies for the monotony, the likely possibility of some kind of faux pas. Cannot be held liable for lost or stolen minutes of one’s precious time.